Poly Processing

Assembly Technician




Full Time




  • Understand the sales order process as it relates to sales order reviews
  • Accurately read and interpret the Sales Order requirements. Confirm that the order matches the design drawing.
  • Understand the terms/abbreviations used within the process.
  • Be able to read and comprehend tank travelers


Tank Layout:

  • Able to read, comprehend, and execute instructions from tank drawings
  • Understand the variations in tank sizes and style applications.
  • Understand the use of a tape measure and calculator to determine circumference degree, elevation, and dome radius measurements/locations. (Check twice).


Fitting & Installation:

  • Understand the differences in the tools to be used and their performance limitations.
  • Become familiar with all fitting/template types and applications. Understand fitting design performance limitations and applicable placement on the tank in the process.
  • Able to execute all existing guidelines and practices established within the assembly area
  • Correctly identify all fitting sizes and materials of construction
  • Proper use of correct holes saws and drill bits for fitting application and proper alignment (2-holing).
  • Preparing (grinding) the area for installation of the fitting (inside and outside of the tank).
  • Installation confirmation (secondary inspection).
  • Able to perform and teach installation process for all fittings, lids, and accessories



Hydro-Test/Wash Area:

  • Cursory check of the completed tank BEFORE Hydro-Testing.
  • Understand the application process for safe use of the correct fitting plug.
  • Understand the use of the required fill equipment and proper fill procedures.
  • Inspection of the filled tank for sealing and safe drain procedures.
  • Report the results on the required paperwork.
  • Clean and apply the correct decals to the tank.
  • Transport the tank to the Staging Area for wrapping.



  • Operate a variety of powered hand tools and equipment; Pneumatic/electric drivers and drills, Scissorlift, Manlift, Fire Fighting Equipment (hoses, extinguishers).
  • Safe forklift operation (Tank Transporting to and from Assembly).
  • Gain an understanding of the operational details of all Assembly-related equipment. (Machines and hand tools).
  • Effectively work independently as well as in a team atmosphere.
  • Safely operate an overhead crane.




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